About Me

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Things I love:

Tacos, woodworking, guitar, old maps,  well-made apps, hiking, birds, pluots, leather chairs, cold weather, whales, Kottke, baseball, ice cream, Los Angeles, cats, David Mitchell books, male/female harmonies, Iceland, Janoskis, rap battles, FiveThirtyEight, the Pacific Northwest, mountaineering movies, quantifying life, owls, photography, frozen custard, Chizu, new maps, sour beers, soaking baths, New York, bands made up of siblings, redwoods, rock climbing, cookies, skiing, solving problems, clever graffiti, Forest Park, Denzel Washington, pie, mountains, Copenhagen, cheese, concerts, trivia, margaritas, rain, Japanese maple trees, crossword puzzles, Mitch Hedberg, movie trailers, Big Sur, graphs.